Flower of the Month Club

The gift of flowers every month

Do you love fresh flowers? The fresh scent and vibrant colors of a cut flower bouquet are enough to make anyone smile! If flowers brighten your day, you should consider joining a flower of the month club. What better way to brighten your home than with a new floral arrangement each month?

Club Membership has its Privileges

Membership in a flower of the month club means that each month you'll receive a unique floral arrangement, delivered right to your front door. Depending on the florist you sign up with, you could receive rare and exotic flowers, fresh local blooms or themed bouquets. During certain times of the year, some florists highlight a particular flower of the month. The chosen flowers might be particularly unique, in season or might be a classic beauty that the florist wants to put on display. In addition to a bouquet of flowers a month, members often receive newsletters that educate them about the flowers they're receiving, the significance of each flower, and how to best care for the flowers so they stay fresh for weeks.

Flower of the Month Gifts

Often there's the option of holiday-specific arrangements. For example, red-and-green-themed arrangements are popular during the Christmas holidays, and make a lovely addition to any Christmas decor. Flower of the month club offerings also highlight celebrations such as Easter and Thanksgiving, and also celebrate springtime and autumn with seasonal, trendy designs and colors. Flower arrangements make excellent anniversary, housewarming and birthday gifts, so a gift of monthly floral bouquets might be a great way to share the joy of flowers with your friends and family.

Flower Club Membership Costs

The cost of a club membership often depends on how many years of experience the florist has. The price is also affected by the types of flowers included. Comparison shop to be sure you're getting the best deal. You may also want to see a sample of the florist's work before you make a payment commitment. Ask your friends, family and coworkers if there's a florist they recommend. Membership lengths can also vary, often from periods of 3, 6 or 12 months. You may also find that many florists will

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