Connoisseurs Club

Connoisseurs Club

Connoisseurs Clubs are most often "Of the Month Clubs" featuring a variety of foods and beverages. Like other "Of the Month Clubs" they are a great way to introduce yourself to new foods. Connoisseurs Clubs feature high-end products, such as expensive champagnes.

Membership in a Connoisseurs Club may be of interest to you, if you:

  • Find that the very best gourmet foods and beverages are unavailable in your area.
  • Are disappointed and bored by the selection of regular "of the month" clubs.
  • Want to test your expertise in true gourmet food against that of certified experts.
  • Know someone who loves the very finest gourmet champagnes, entrees and desserts.

Connoisseurs Clubs are intended to be a "next step" from being a novice gourmet to full-fledged expert on gourmet food. If you already consider yourself or your gift beneficiary an expert, then a Connoisseurs Club might be confirmation of or addition to that expertise.

Some beer and wine of the month clubs also feature their own Connoisseurs Clubs.

Connoisseurs Clubs often specialize in pairings. For example, you may want to know which wines go best with which foods. You may have had bad experiences trying your own or others' pairings. A connoisseurs' club can be an excellent way to learn some of these.

Be sure to check a company's website for its warranty and return policy. Most companies are very fair, but we can't guarantee that they all are!

Also, if you are joining a wine-related club, pay attention to state laws.

Like other "Of the Month Clubs," a Connoisseurs Club might feature specials and other offers unavailable elsewhere. A Connoisseurs Club is almost certain to surprise you with new tastes and gourmet food ideas and send your appreciation of gourmet food to new heights.

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