Beer of the Month Club

Beer of the Month Club

Do you want to really know beer? Can you identify the differences between lager, ale, pilsner and other styles of beer? If you join a Beer of the Month Club, you can become a beer gourmet.

Joining a beer club is a convenient way of keeping your beer fridge stocked with delicious and unique beers. A Beer of the Month Club typically sends six or 12 beers once a month. The most popular, affordable Beer of the Month Clubs introduce you to beers from micro-breweries.

Some Beer of the Month Clubs allow you flexibility as to what you can purchase, while others plan a menu for members, allowing people the opportunity to try beers they might not otherwise seek out.

Some other Beer of the Month Club packages you might find are:

  • Best beer packages: a 12-pack variety of America's best beers every month
  • International packages: beers and ales from Germany, England, Holland and other lands
  • Beer lover's packages: 24 beers per month, so there's enough to share

Beer of the Month Clubs also offer members information newsletters and the chance to offer feedback on newer or less popular beers being offered. There are also other benefits to membership. For example, some clubs allow you to order beers you like at discount prices.

Probably the greatest appeal of a Beer of the Month Club is the fact that it makes a unique gift. Giving someone membership in a Beer of the Month Club is a great way to say happy birthday or congratulations. A six or 12-month membership comes with no further obligation.

Just remember - it's much easier to ship within the continental U.S., and you need a person of legal drinking age to sign for delivery of alcoholic products.

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