Gourmet Clubs

Gourmet Clubs

A few years ago, book-of-the month-clubs were the only "Of the Month Clubs" that enjoyed any popularity. With changes in shipping and the increase of Internet shopping, food or beverage of the month clubs are increasingly common and convenient.

An "Of the Month Club" might be right for you, if you answer "yes" to any of these questions:

Do you, or someone you know...

  • Live in an area where selection is hard to get?
  • Love surprises?
  • Wish you knew more about your favorite food?
  • Loves coffee, chocolate, tea, cheese, beer or wine, and wish you could sample more varieties?
"Of the Month Clubs" can be put together by good organizations with a legitimate desire to reach new customers. Be warned, though: in some cases, these clubs can be badly serviced. You can tell a lot about a club by checking its website for its history, guarantees and return policies.

Those who subscribe to a club find it's nice to be surprised once a month.

"Of the month clubs" also have a nostalgic value for some who remember the old days of milk and bread delivery. And of course, the added advantage today is technology like electronic tracking and ordering with a few clicks of your computer mouse.

Subscribing to an "Of the Month Club" is an adventurous way to explore fully the worlds of the foods or beverages you love. And for that someone you love, membership can be nice monthly reminder of how much you care about them. Talk about a gift that lasts!

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