Pet Gift Baskets

Pet Gift Baskets

Many pets are treated like members of the family and they don't usually get left out at Christmas time and other holidays. Pet gift baskets are becoming quite popular with dog and cat gift baskets leading the way.

For a dog you could include food items and non-food items such as: dog biscuits or homemade dog biscuits and cookies, barbeque treats, peanut butter delights, bacon dog cookies, chicken and cheese baguettes, cheese and mushroom canaps, all natural treats, a dog collar, dog toys, a leash, a ball, brushes, a dog sweater, doggie boots, a bone to chew on, a dish and a blanket. You could even put items in a dog dish or on top of a wag bag.

For a cat, you could include items such as cat treats, catnip, cat toys, collars, dishes, climbing towers, cat beds and brushes. There are many pet bakeries in business that make heart shaped cakes and cookies out of meat, fish, vegetables and grains for Valentine's Day. At Christmas, pets can snack on wheat free, gingerbread men cookies. Pet bakeries often specialize in healthy gourmet food and treats for animals. They use fresh ingredients and make food that is ideal for the animals' coats, skin, bones and teeth. Some bakeries have food for dieting pets and pets with allergies.

The pet gift baskets themselves can be very creative as you can use containers such as bone shaped tins, fire hydrant shaped crates, fish bowls, Christmas stockings, washtubs and pet beds. You could also try to personalize your pet gift basket by adding your pet's favorite things such as slippers to chew on or a scratching post. Some people like to dress their pets up for holidays such as Christmas and Halloween. Remember to base your pet gift baskets on the size of the pets. A small dog should have a small mouth so make sure the gifts aren't too big. The age of the pet will also make a difference in what types of gifts you may want to add to the basket, as puppies and kittens usually like to play with different things than full-grown cats and dogs.

Just make sure that any edible items you add to the basket are healthy and the toys are safe. Some creative companies make dog spa baskets, which include a brush for the dog's coat, a brush for the teeth, shampoo, conditioner, a towel and a bath time treat. You could also put pet picture calendars or books into a pet gift basket for the pet's owners to enjoy. Another good item would be a disposable camera so the owner can get some good shots of their celebrating pet.

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