Cheese Gift Baskets

Cheese Gift Baskets

A cheese gift basket is one of the oldest and most popular types of gift baskets to give as a gift. There are literally hundreds of nutritious cheeses to choose from and there are cheeses from various animals such as cows, sheep, goats, buffalo, reindeer, camels and yaks. Some of the most popular cheeses include brie, cheddar, camembert, mozzarella, Gouda and American cheese. There are also some rare cheeses such as Crotin du Chavignol.

Cheeses have a wide variety of flavors, textures and uses and most types of cheese also have a relatively long shelf life. These features combine to make cheese an ideal type of food for a gift basket. A cheese gift basket is an affordable and thoughtful gift that can be enjoyed by an individual, a couple, a family or a group of people. Some cheese gift baskets may be made with cheese only, however many baskets often include other food items such as meats, crackers, breads, wines and sweets, such as chocolate. If you know the types of cheese your cheese gift basket recipient likes then it will be easier for you to buy or make a basket.

If you don't know the specific types of cheese the person eats you may want to stick to some of the milder varieties. When creating or buying a cheese gift basket it also helps to know what types of other food and wine complement the type of cheeses you are thinking of adding. For example, Swiss cheese goes well with berries, croissants and muffins along with sweet red and white wines. You could add these food items and wine to make a perfect gift basket for somebody who loves Swiss cheese.

You can create an attractive and thoughtful cheese gift basket by doing a little research on different types of cheese, so you get an idea of what types of food and wine to mix with it. Make sure that the cheese is wrapped and stored properly. Don't forget that cheese is also used as an ingredient in a wide array of food dishes from soups and salads to spreads and scones, so it's always a good idea to put a small book of cheese recipes into the cheese gift basket. You could also add small items such as cheese boards and knives.

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