Sympathy Gift Basket

Sympathy Gift Basket

As sad as it may be, we have to realize that death is a part of living and nobody is going to escape it. A sympathy gift basket is always a good way to let somebody know you are thinking of them and share in their sorrow and loss. A good sympathy gift basket should be beautifully arranged and express thoughtfulness and care along with meeting the recipient's practical needs.

When family and friends get together to attend a funeral they will appreciate having items such as coffee, tea and snacks included in a sympathy gift basket. Many families receive lots of casseroles and cakes from their friends and neighbors and fruit baskets can serve as the perfect complement to these other food items. There will be many friends and relatives at a funeral to feed, so a gift basket with a variety of food will also be appreciated. Many sympathy gift baskets include both fresh flowers or plants and food items. Often times, a sympathy gift will be a plant that can usually live longer than cut flowers. To ensure endurance, the hardier plant varieties are usually given. These could include an aglaonema or Chinese evergreen or several other plants. The attractive basket can be placed on a table where visitors can enjoy its beauty.

Food is just one type of item than can be included in a sympathy gift basket. Small books can also be a nice addition. You could place books of poetry, comforting thoughts and the process of grieving inside of the basket. You can still be creative and thoughtful in your timing when sending a sympathy gift basket. Most families are usually overwhelmed with food and flowers immediately after somebody's death. Perhaps you could send a basket to the family a few weeks later as a touching and thoughtful gesture.

You could also consider sending a sympathy gift basket to relatives who are outside of the immediate family. Often times, adults whose grown siblings die are overlooked at the time of mourning. Expressions of sympathy often tend to focus on the parents, spouse, children and grandchildren. Perhaps, you could also send a sympathy gift basket to a friend or co-worker who has lost a brother or sister.

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