Baby Shower Gift Baskets

Baby Shower Gift Baskets

Having a baby is a joyous and special moment in people's lives and a baby shower gift basket can include many delicious and practical items. If the parent's have told you what sex the baby is going to be or if twins are expected it well definitely help you to create a more customized gift basket. If you aren't sure of the sex, you should add items that are useful for boys and girls.

A baby shower gift basket will allow you to give a gift that can be enjoyed by both the mother and the baby. You can give the mother wonderful foods and specialty items such as fresh fruits, delicious chocolates and gourmet snacks to help her relax when the baby is sleeping. You could also include scented flowers and candles for the mother. Another good idea is gift certificates for a massage or bath oils and lotions or other assorted body relaxation gifts to pamper her with. You could also include a small disposable camera, rolls of film or photo printer paper along with a small photo album or frame. When the baby is born the parent's will be taking hundreds of photos.

You will also want to add several items that will come in handy for the baby. You could add things such as bibs, teddy bears, toys, rattlers, soothers, silverware, diapers, quilts, caps, outfits, lullaby CDs, photo frames, picture books, storybooks, blankets, cute booties, bath items for the baby and christening gowns. If you are not sure of the baby's sex, you can always buy neutral colors and items that are suitable for boys and girls.

When choosing or making a baby shower gift basket, it's often a good idea to include an item or two for other young children in the family so they don't feel left out. Children are usually pretty easy to buy for as they hardly ever say no to chocolate or other types of tasty candy.

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