Anniversary Gift Baskets

Anniversary Gift Baskets

While there may be some other types of anniversaries you'd rather remember or celebrate, the main one of course is a wedding anniversary, as lasting relationships are something worth celebrating. You can make each year special by building an anniversary gift basket around traditional or modern gift themes. Since your wedding should have been a romantic and loving occasion, you may want to create a romantic and loving anniversary gift basket. Not only can you buy or make a wedding basket for your husband or wife, you can also choose an anniversary gift basket to help celebrate someone else's anniversary.

A unique wedding gift basket can be thoughtfully personalized for those special lovebirds, right down to an elegant bow and ribbons that can be done in the bride's own wedding color selection. You can help yourself or others to celebrate an anniversary by adding an assortment of gifts such as: decadent gourmet chocolates, specialty coffees and teas, gourmet cookies, succulent fresh fruits, specialty crackers, cheeses, smoked meat or salmon, nuts and even something as lavish as caviar. Your anniversary may also call for a toast, so you may also want to add specialty beer, a bottle of champagne or vintage wine. Perhaps the wine could be from the year your wedding took place.

There is also a large selection of non-food items to add to an anniversary basket and some items could include sensuous oils, body lotions and subtly fragrant candles. You could even include a small framed photograph or videotape of the joyous wedding day. Themed gourmet food gifts or picnic baskets are always a hit for weddings and anniversaries.

Hobby based wedding and anniversary baskets are another popular and creative item. If the bride and groom enjoy doing an activity together, they will probably be thrilled with an anniversary basket that is specially chosen with them in mind.

If you can't think of anything special for an anniversary theme, remember that most anniversaries themselves already come with a theme, as a 25th wedding anniversary is a silver theme and a 50th anniversary is a gold theme. And, while these anniversaries are momentous occasions, the first year of your wedding may be the hardest one to get through and the reason for the biggest celebration. You can include items such as colorful fishing lures, golf balls, cooking utensils, flower seeds, matching running shorts or aprons. The possibilities for an anniversary basket are endless.

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